About me

For as long as I can remember I’ve spent my life alternating between what I think I should be doing versus what I actually want to be doing, often worrying about what other people will think.  I remember being a 9 year-old in Primary school, just getting into football (or soccer if you’re inclined that way) and telling my teacher that I was happy to play in defence even though i really wanted to play attack, purely because he told me that is where I should play.  Both academically and vocationally I made choices, often against my own desires, because I bought into the dogma of this would be best subject to study if you want to get a job or you should work in this industry as it has careers with the best salaries, ultimately leaving me with a feeling that I was playing the game somewhat well, but playing out of position.

At times along this journey, I would find moments of rebellion/clarity where I would engage in an action that appeared somewhat dramatic to those on the outside but completely natural to myself and people who knew me well.  Examples of this included dropping out of university to decide what I really wanted to study, turning down a lucrative job offer to undertake a postgraduate degree, choosing a science undergraduate degree without any science A-levels, and leaving a promising (I think) career in finance to travel South East Asia whilst pursuing a different life in the health and fitness industry (possibly my best decision so far).  With that being said, the decisions I have made are all ingredients to the cauldron of ideas and experiences that spawned this blog.Having spent several years working in a world that wasn’t for me and pursuing an unfulfilling lifestyle, I’m now on a path where the focus is to embrace my interests, take some chances, and create the life that makes me happy.

It’s taken me longer than most, but faster than others, to comprehend that dreams are there to be made into a reality which can only come to fruition through my own endeavours.  This blog isn’t just a subject of interest for me, it’s my character, my traits, my musings, my passions, my strengths and my weaknesses.  Hopefully an interest in living a healthier life has brought you here but an interest in living YOUR life will keep you here.

Keep moving and exploring!


Stephen Stork

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